Palabras interactivas, 2002</p>
<p>Inflated latex sculpture, life size</p>
Palabras interactivas, 2002

Inflated latex sculpture, life size

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César Martinez (b.1962, Mexico) in his interactive performances, called PerforMANcena, perfomance-banquet, push deep rooted cultural memories of cannibalistic pleasures to surface, while the use of explosives for pictorial and sculptural purposes links to the use of fireworks by Mexican indigenous peoples in order to prevent the gods of the imminent arrival of a new soul.

But it is through his deflated and collapsed latex sculptures, that he generates a dramatic ongoing discourse on Life itself. When air goes out, viewers are urged to confront with the enormous dangers we face in our transition to trans-modernity, making Martinez art a memorable experience.

On Autumn 2002  Noire Gallery presented César Martinez's solo exhibition IMPERDURABLEMENTE PRESENTE.