CUUUN !, 2003 <br />acrylic on canvas <br />150x201 cm
CUUUN !, 2003
acrylic on canvas
150x201 cm

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Brunet’s latest series of paintings that depict explosions and outbursts of fluid and matter in gestural works have been inspired by Japanese illustration; the artist transforms the comic-book, black and white graphics into the language of abstract painting.
Her art includes paintings in diverse formats --from the minuscule to the grand scale-- each of which can be seen as fragments of an expansive, fictive universe in chaos. Brunet’s use of silver, pink, and reds subdues violence in favour of sexual undertones and analogies to the female body; particularly in light of her earlier work that appropriated hardcore pornography and landscapes of erupting volcanoes.

Fernanda Brunet was born in 1963 in Mexico City, where she currently lives and works. From 1995 – 2002 she lived in Brooklyn. She has exhibited extensively in Mexico and in numerous group exhibitions in the USA. Among the more recent is Axis Mexico, San Diego Museum of Art (2002 – 2003).