GUNDAM, 2000<br />3D PHOTO, 3D GRID / LIGHT BOX<br />122x183x14 cm</p>
GUNDAM, 2000
122x183x14 cm

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Cyber seems to be the most important word in the end of the century. Most of us spend our time living in the cyberspace constructed by Internet and virtual reality. My art comes from my life. I listen to electronic music. I dance in electronic discos to forget I am still alive and I feel I am almost in heaven…
In this kind of world, as shown is Hung's art, synthetic artificial commodities become now the first-hand reality, while Nature with capital letter is relegated to the role of myth. Plastic dummies, mass-printed religious icons, artificial flowers and electrical lighting dominate Hung Tung-Lu icons, our new icons, the images of a new cult, where Commerce becomes religion, and religion commercialised with cartoon and video stars replacing the traditional, orthodox beliefs and values as false goddesses. But as consumer logic transcends the boundary of nations, the direct result of an emerging globalisations is the loss of cultural identity. While East meets West, the identity of Taiwan, where Hung has come from and is based, is obviously absent in his post-modern images all pervaded by the world wide powerful media-capitalism.