<br />Schegge d'incanto in fondo al dubbio# 1, 2009<br />Photo, ink jet<br />32x42 cm<br />edition of 15</p>

Schegge d'incanto in fondo al dubbio# 1, 2009
Photo, ink jet
32x42 cm
edition of 15

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Masbedo are a duo of award winning multimedia artists. Mixing their surnames and their different backgrounds, Nicolò MASazza and Jacopo BEDOgni have surfed the wave of success since 1999. Creating conceptual videos and photography not only galleries, they impose their strong aesthetic, on a variety of genres such as reading, performance, theatre and ballet. Caravaggio's lights mixed with an expressionism approach, film plots appear as ''Bret Easton Ellis reinventing Cesare Pavese'' (Italian cult big writer), with each short leaving the viewer as if they've had ''a punch to the stomach''.
Nihilism, questions without answers, and one's daily obsessions. Under the beauty of their suggestive aesthetic however there's a more ''a devastating contamination hidden under its plastic beauty''.