SYLVIE FLEURY<br />Sweet’n Low<br />Silkscreen on canvas<br />30x50 cm<br />Edition of 250<br />Printed and Published by Marco Noire, 1994
Sweet’n Low
Silkscreen on canvas
30x50 cm
Edition of 250
Printed and Published by Marco Noire, 1994

Sylvie Fleury, born in 1961, lives and works in Geneva. She is known for her mises-en-scène of glamour, fashion and luxury products. Although at first glance her works may seem like an affirmation of the consumer society and its values, on closer inspection a more subtle commentary on superficial beauty becomes apparent. Her objects, wall pieces, pictures and installations assume an intrinsic value far exceeding the mere affirmation of brand names.
' Fleury's fetish-filled world is transformed through a female gaze. In a recent conversation with artist Peter Halley, she explained: 'Just recontextualising something that's very superficial will give it a new depth. And sometimes, just being a woman and showing something like a pair of shoes, a car, or a Carl Andre gives it another dimension.' Her 'feminisation' of typically 'masculine' objects has a tongue in cheek political edge. Pieces like Skincrime2 (Givenchy 601) (1997), a crushed car painted in pink nail varnish, and the painted slogan Miniskirts are back (2003) seem to giggle at tired presumptions, with knowing humour.