Mary Sue states that otherness starts within oneself, that she was born between 1979 and sometime now, and that her gender identity might be female or science (also relating to her top performance in physics) fictional. Under this sobriquet, she has pursued a relentless career (not by-passing ENSA of Dijon for art studies) performing in her own videos, making costumes and decor, posters and books, but also sculptures, installation objects, and photographs—all fabricated to perfection by hand and surrounding the exploits of the brilliant, fictive Mary Sue.
Her collaboration with Noire Gallery started in 2005 with the exhibition of her videos at Art Basel and in ARCO 2006. The artist’s video installations are widely represented in Italy, French, and in 2001 XXIV J. V. C. Festival Tokyo Art and Design Nagoya, Japan.

Exhibitions & Projects