In her monumental sculptures Mona Marzouk (1968, Egypt) breaks down the distance between civilisations, while in her paintings she reduces each work to a pair of colours, close in hue-one the ground, the other a mysterious palace floating in space. Some of her works have the closest matching colours, which made the architectural forms virtually disappear in the room, as it was in a recent successful series of site -specific wall paintings. Marzouk can use her own history, from past to present Egypt, to accept cultural influences and, as a result, imagine a fully hybridised future.
(From Marilu Knode “Mona Marzouk” in VitaminP. New perspectives in paintings – Phaidon Press, 2002)
In 2002 Noire Contemporary Art presented the work of Marzouk in a solo exhibition and with a special wall project for Project Room in ARCO, Madrid, Spain.Her work was included in the prestigious books:
– “Fresh Cream”, Phaidon Press, 2000
– “VitaminP” New perspectives in paintings”, Phaidon Press, 2002
Her installation RECONFIGURED MONUMENTS is permanently exhibited in Modern Art Gallery (GAM), Turin, Italy.

Exhibitions & Projects