Jonathan Monk

The edition contains 21 colour prints on canvas (33 x 33 cm) and one wooden board (23 x 23 cm). One of the canvas prints can be stapled around the board supplied for display purposes.

The starting point of the edition 1111 was Alighiero e Boetti’s piece mettere i verbi all’infinito or a fake version of it.

I gave myself 11 minutes to find as many 4 letter English words within this Italian text – not quite pushing the words to infinity but doing my best within the time allowed. The game allowed for 83 four letter words (no FAKE) –

These 4 letter words have been printed onto canvas in the style of Boetti. The words appear in blocks of four creating four letter four word poems… some of them make sense some appear too abstract to determine.

Jonathan Monk


21 colour prints on canvas
Edition 25 + V

Single wooden board supplied for display purposes
Canvas size: 33 x 33 cm
Wooden board size: 23 x 23 cm
Medium: Print on canvas

Signed and numbered on the colophon
Produced by Noire Edition, 2019


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All limited editions are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity by the publisher


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