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Noire Gallery is delighted to present Action Half-Life, Warriors 1 and 3 by AES+F. The legendary collective returns to Noire Gallery to collaborate on their 4th project together since 2007.
The exhibition comprises two life-size bronze sculptures that AES+F created in 2005 to complete their Action Half-Life project (2003 – 2005), the title of which is in part borrowed from a classic and extremely popular video game released in 1998. In Action Half-Life, the collective renders a coalescence between the metaverse and our reality by depicting children with sophisticated weaponry, used to battle an ever-looming but invisible enemy. AES+F reflect on the role of virtual worlds in distilling the genome of heroism within the minds of adolescent youth, on the suspension of time and alienation in endless virtual battles in which the performance of heroism plays out in perpetuity. In the series of bronze sculptures from the project, AES+F turn to the biblical figure of David and his Renaissance representations to explore the complex philosophical and psychological aspects of humanity’s obsession with heroism in a world that they, over 15 years ago, identified as being on a collision course with total virtality.

Noire Gallery - NOIRE

Via Piossasco 29/B
10152, Torino, Italy
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28 October - 28 November 2021