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Shirin Neshat returns to Noire Gallery to present The Home of My Eyes, a unique extraordinary artist book along with the video Roja.

The Home of My Eyes is a series of 55 portraits that depicts different people from Azerbaijan. The artist has conceived the series as ‘’a portrait of a country that for such a long time has been a crossroad of many ethnicities, religions and different languages’’ and that up until the first half of the 19th century was part of Persia (the artist’s homeland).

Shirin Neshat explores the individual inner voices that shape every character, the personal aspects, the identities and the concept of home.

The book, the only one ever realised by the artist, published by Noire Edition, includes a selection of 11 portraits of females and 9 portraits of males, printed in 50 copies, numbered and signed by the artist.

A tapestry of human faces that reveals by opening up two big ‘’Leporello’’ within the edition.

The exhibition is accompanied by the film Roja (2016), in which the artist investigates her being a foreign in a foreign country. By using a non linear narrative, Roja captures feelings of migration, distinct lines between reality and fiction and tension between the past and the present.

Turin is also the first stop of the tour of Shirin’s latest film: Looking for Oum Kulthum, that will be previewed at Cinema Classico on the 26th of October at 9pm. For seat reservations please contact

Here below the following stops of the tour:

27 october: MAXXI Roma
28 october: Museo Madre Napoli
29 october: Centro Luigi Pecci Prato
30 october: Museo Mambo Bologna
31 october: Triennale di Milano

The collaboration and friendship between Shirin Neshat and Noire Gallery has begun in 1996 with Shirin’s solo show Women of Allah, followed by the publication of her first monograph.

Later, Noire Gallery premiered the video Turbulent at ARCO in Madrid in 1998, and subsequently at Venice Biennale where she won the Golden Lion. In 2009 she held an exhibition at gallery with Shoja Azari where she presented the video Munis.

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27 October - 10 November 2018
Non solo 25 anni di Artissima: anniversari negli spazi torinesi con 4 progetti speciali
Il nuovo progetto fotografico dell’iraniana Shirin Neshat da sabato a Noire Gallery
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