Project View

We are pleased to announce a new chapter of the “PIECEUNIQUE” at the Noire Chapel of San Sebastiano, a location that represents the artistic tradition of Noire Gallery. The space, frescoed by Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings (Wall Drawing #137 a double drawing: 1st wall-horizontal not straight lines not touching, 2nd wall-vertical not straight lines not touching, from Documenta 5 curated by Harald Szeemann, Kassel, 1972), hosts projects by international artists.

Nika Neelova – Lemniscate XV, 2021

Often utilising reclaimed architectural materials, Nika Neelova has always been interested in the way materials and architecture influence our sense of time and place. Bypassing straightforward means of fabrication, her work is concerned with finding modes of retrieving and revealing information that is already there and the multiplicities of histories concealed within in as a way of finding and imagining evidence of human pasts through inanimate things. The sculptures are often created by employing tactics of ‘reverse archaeology’ – considering an alternative reading of human history by examining found objects and architectural debris, and transforming them beyond functionality. In these works the human body and touch remains as a vestigial memory.

Giulio Paolini – PAETUS AND ARRIA, 1982

Over the course of his career, Giulio Paolini became a prominent figure in both Arte Povera and Conceptual Art. Paolini was trained as a graphic designer, but would go on to work in sculpture, painting, and later, photography and collage. His early works reacted against his perception of the beauty of Art Informel, and focused instead on the material and formal components of painting, like the canvas and the frame. He was known at times to eschew the use of paint in favor of bare surfaces. Starting in the 1970s, his works became more conceptual, focused on the systems of creating and exhibiting art. Paolini also designed sets and costumes for theater, notably for director Carlo Quartucci, as well as Frederico Tiezzi’s versions of Richard Wagner’s operas.

May - September 2023