Nika Neelova was Born in 1987 in Russia, she lives and works in London. She has a MA Fine Art Sculpture from the Slade School of Art, London, and a BA Fine Art Interdisciplinary at the Royal Art Academy, The Hague.
Nika Neelova makes evocative sculptures and installations that resonate with associations of history, personal memory, and the rise and fall of civilizations. Deeply informed by her Russian heritage and international upbringing, she is keenly aware of the way that materials and architecture influence our sense of time and place, and that even the most solid structure is subject to ruin. Her sculptural installations are made out of reclaimed architectural features. Disassociated from their original use and re-composed in her new arrangements, these old beams, casts and worn ropes exude their own original energy as well as their heritage.
I often choose to use reclaimed architectural features and reclaimed timber because of the historical memory that is embedded in these materials,” says Nika Neelova. “They carry a story of a past life.”